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Adopting New Technologies

All our seeds are intensively researched to guarantee compatibility with the latest trends

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Quality Seed Bean

Choose from a variety of bean seeds that include Chelang, Tasha and Ciankui!

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High Yield Seed Maize

We offer high-yielding Hybrid and Open-Pollinated maize seed varieties

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Something for Everyone

We strive to enhance the capacity of small-scale as well as large-scale farmers

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High Quality Varieties

Faida Seeds have consistently out-performed many other varieties to become a favourite of the Kenyan farming fraternity.


Research and Development

Our research programme is directed at helping farmers achieve their objective by availing to them more hardy cultivars with high yield potential.


Convenient Packaging

Faida Seeds are available in convenient packages of 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg or more in accordance to your needs...


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